The 2017 cohort of TableTalk Executive Members is a group of determined, driven, and empowered leaders who represent various groups, grades, and communities at Penn. These individuals embody the TableTalk mission and help to steer the TableTalk organization as a whole.

Victoria Peng (Los Angeles, CA) is a senior in the College studying psychology and consumer psychology. She loves starting her day off with a good sweat, news digests, and good vibes; and she likes Dutch portraiture and wants to learn how to play piano. This year, Victoria‘s making the most of her remaining time at Penn by living the life she always said she would live–her “someday” is finally here! Currently on her list: Watch more movies, meet more strangers, eat more good food. Don’t be another “missed-connection”–get in touch.

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Zoe Schwingel-Sauer (Philadelphia, PA) is a sophomore in the College of Arts and Sciences. She loves politics, traveling, and chocolate ice cream. She is very passionate about education. When she’s not eating food, cuddling her cats, or sleeping, Zoe can be found enjoying a book in the Quad. She is always up to watch Gilmore Girls, play capture the flag, or go exploring with friends.

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Eva Spier (Riverdale, NY) is a freshman in the College and is considering majoring in Biology. On campus, she is also involved in math tutoring for MAS and is an active member of Penn Hillel. She is also deeply passionate about Israel, peanut butter, spending quality time with her friends, and playing sports. You can always be sure to find Eva doing homework somewhere outside on nice days, perhaps even listening to one of her guilty pleasure songs by Britney Spears.

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Amelia Galbraith (Berkeley, CA) – (aka Meels, aka Ams) is from the hip and hippie town of Berkeley and loves to rep her Bay Area pride! This CAS freshman is super politically engaged as a deputy board member of Penn Dems and loves social activism. Hit her up to talk about the patriarchy over her fave Mexican foods! She also enjoys groovin’ out to old T-Swift, especially “Our Song”, because, let’s be real, that’s one of the best. You can catch an Amelia-sighting at Van Pelt or Frontera–so keep an eye out for her!

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Prateek Agarwal (Cupertino, CA) is a sophomore in the college hailing from California and is majoring in Physics with a concentration in Business and Technology. He is convinced that metaphors are in real life, so most of the time he’s looking for those. When not in class or TableTalking, he’s probably people watching out of the large windows on the first floor of Van Pelt or exercising his extraordinary talent for zoning out. On a side note, he enjoys eating ice cream while maintaining eye contact with strangers. Ask him about his bomb handshake that only involves his feet.
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Aliya Farmanali (Las Vegas, NV) …wait, Vegas?! Yes! And she, like most Vegas residents, actually doesn’t live on the Strip…crazy, right? Anyway, Aliya is a sophomore in the College looking to major in Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations. People usually assume a look of confusion when she mentions this, though, so upon that cue, she then explains that she’s studying Arabic and Islamic Studies.  The weather in Philadelphia is a far cry from the kind of weather you find in Las Vegas, but Aliya’s thoroughly enjoying being able to actually experience seasons here and absolutely LOVES it when it’s cloudy and when it rains!

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Dan Hayes (Boston, MA) is a sophomore

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Dylan Paige (New York, NY) is the freshman in the College who you found procrastinating in Van Pelt. While undecided on major, he knows for a fact that Mint Milanos are the best type of cookie. He knows his way around the kitchen as a member of the Cooking Club and stays active with the Running Club. You may find him walking on campus with a comfortable sweatshirt, and if you do ask him about his favorite movies!

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Laura Whelan (Chatham, NJ) is a sophomore in the College of Arts and Sciences. She is largely unclear about what to study for the rest of her life and is currently taking suggestions. Frequent pastimes include giving deceptively short answers when asked where she’s from (it’s complicated) and trying to keep her voice limited to one accent (which turns out to be impossible). Laura can most often be found in Starbucks due to an unhealthy obsession and love for the company (this is justified by a box-load of free things, she swears). Laura is also currently looking for someone to practice her new-found salsa moves with, and is always up for a sail (no, literally. She’s on the sailing team).

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If there was one way to describe Mateen, it would be that he’s a little spicy and pretty cool. Mateen Tabatabei is from Boston, Massachusetts and is studying Cognitive Science in the College. He’s involved in various clubs around campus, including and not limited to TableTalk as co-chair of TableTalkX, The Daily Pennsylvanian as a columnist and editor, and Club Golf as a casual member. He is quite a passionate fellow and loves to opine, feign pretentiousness, and talk about Nietzsche. He loves movies like Inception and Shawshank Redemption as well as chilling out in the massage chairs at Brookstone while sipping tea samples from Teavana. He can’t decide which he loves more, the sublime melodies of Beethoven or the tongue and cheek fieriness of Eminem’s Rap God. Some of his thoughts center around the costs and benefits of selling his soul to Wharton, but most of the time he’s pondering less important questions like the meaning of life. He habitually succeeds in crushing people under the full force of his logic and rhetoric. He could talk forever about philosophy and religion and his love for Roger Federer and Jordan Spieth. Catch Mateen in Fisher Fine Arts Library, procrastinating by reading articles on how to not procrastinate.

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Tanner Probst (Buffalo, NY) is a freshman in Wharton leaning toward studying Real Estate and Finance with a minor in Creative Writing. When he’s not at practice for the Penn Sailing Team, Tanner can often be found running on the Schuylkill or petting people’s dogs on Locust Walk. He is a sports enthusiast and would happily and excitedly talk with you about anything from the NBA to horse racing. Tanner loves reading, writing, filming and editing, and traveling. He considers himself a dreamer and plans to sail around the Americas in a small boat. At Penn, he is involved with the sailing team, YNG, Young Life, and Intramural Sports.

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Danielle Gin (Los Angeles, CA) is a freshman in the College of Arts and Sciences who loves photography, In n Out Burger, and singing in the shower. She likes to talk about education policy and has a passion for music (Sam Smith is her favorite artist but her guilty pleasure song is Bedrock). You’ll often find her studying at Stommons or a Hill GSR when she’s not busy eating Brussels sprouts, watching the Imitation Game, and procrastinating on her homework. Her life motto is, “If there’s a will, there’s a way.” Ask her about her childhood model career at Target and toddler magazines.

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Lizzie Youshaei (Chicago, IL), or Lasagna to some, radiates positive energy whenever she walks into a room and is the kind of gal who will greet you with a hug every time. Lizzie loves her family back in Chicago, her students in Bali, and of course, her friends here at Penn and at home. As a freshman in the College, she is studying International Relations and Political Science and is particularly interested in women’s education policies. Lizzie loves to tell stories in different mediums, whether it be through videography or writing and would love to meet with you to tell you about how she accidently went to a fat camp that she thought was a sports camp. When she wants to wind down, she turns to her guilty pleasure, the Bachelor, but she’s also a fan of The Mindy Project and Jane the Virgin. If you ever want to find Lizzie, catch her at having a picnic on College Green after getting food at Houston, probably listening to John Legend or Chance the Rapper.

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Sabel Anderson (Philadelphia, PA) is a sophomore in the college, studying international relations. She lives in Center City with her mom/best friend and their corgi Winston Churchill. However, she spent the last four years in D.C. at boarding school (it’s like Zoey 101, with homework). Although she looks rather basic, with the wardrobe of a suburban housewife, she is secretly a hippie. Ask her about Ubud or that one time she climbed the Grand Teton. She has an undying love of soft rock, coffee shops, and short stories. You can find her talking to strangers or stealing coffee ice cream from Commons. She is a fan of writing, good lighting, hugs, and her sisters. She’d love to talk to you about about books, mental health, the places you’ve lived, or anything you care about deeply.

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Dana Novikov (Newtown, PA) is a freshman

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Maura Fay (Philadelphia, PA) is a sophomore in the College of Arts and Sciences hoping to major in Communications. Maura loves to run, travel, and work with children. Although she sometimes comes across as a timid freshman, Maura loves to constantly try new things and see what’s out there. Maura is very small and easily thrown- she is always open to being carried or piggy-backed around! Her nickname in high school was “mofo” and she is obsessed with bananas and peanut butter (really obsessed).

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Caitlin Quinn hails from Denver, Colorado, and gleefully maintains the delusion that she is from the West Coast. She is a freshman in the College planning to study PPE with a minor in English, and she is an avid member of Mock Trial. Caitlin has a taste for some of the finer things in life, ranging from the nonconformist writings of James Joyce to the nonconformist comfort of Birkenstocks, from the magic of Roger Federer and his perfect calves, perfect volley, and perfect head of hair to the magic of chips in burgers and the lovely crunch and exquisite bit of salt they add, from the wonders of space and time to the wonders of the Constitution and substantive due process, and from the philosophies of Camus and Hegel to her personal philosophy of cultivating happiness and passion in everything she does. On a typical day, you can probably find her grinding on the second floor of Van Pelt or in the Court House, where she would be happy to take a break from her work and talk to you about any HBO show ever. Caitlin is not the type to stick to the easy, effortless comfort of a shallow conversation, and her warm, disarming smile will get you opening up in no time.

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