The 2016-2017 cohort of TableTalk facilitators is a group of engaging, articulate, and passionate leaders of various communities at Penn. These individuals facilitate cross-cultural TableTalks on campus, identify and build new initiatives, and help to steer the mission of the TableTalk organization.

Anmol Jain (Gujarat, India) is a Wharton junior juggling her myriad interests and trying to settle on a concentration (or three). Beyond business, she is passionate about food, philosophy, books, TV series/movies, karaoke, and connecting with people! You can usually find her getting coffee latte bubble tea from Beijing/salted caramel mocha from Starbucks, or making chai while hanging out with friends or poring over a new read. She is fascinated by poetry and prose and how entire worlds are contained in mere combinations of twenty six letters. Fun fact– she has an extensive collection of quotes gathered over the years that she can either recite verbatim or whip out at a moment’s notice.

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Jeremy Wilson (Scarsdale, NY) is a junior studying psychology, religion, and pre-med stuffs. Among his many passions are meeting all different types of people at Penn (duhrrrr), hitting up the Friday night scene at Hillel, and visiting patients at HUP. As a junior, Jeremy is looking forward to biking down the Schuykill while the weather is nice, hosting ragers at his house, and learning organic chemistry :). If you ever have a minute and wanna sit down on college green to study, he’ll probs be there…hit him up.

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Maddie Leonard (Pelham, NY) is a senior majoring in Health and Societies with minors in International Development and American Public Policy. She can usually be found running (read: tripping and falling) along the Schuylkill, sampling an aggressive amount of flavors at Capo, and chasing dogs down Locust. On campus, she’s involved with Alternate Spring Break, GlobeMed, PennSID and the Global Impact Collaborative, and the Wharton Undergraduate Healthcare Club. Hit her up for a calming manatee or an situationally-appropriate GIF at any time.

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Evanie Anglade (Short Hills, NJ) is a pre-med senior in the College who can be found admiring the beauty of Penn’s campus as she strolls down Locust usually towards Van Pelt. Although hailing from New Jersey, she doesn’t get any of the “Jersey” stereotypes except for the ones about the best bagels and pizza! She enjoys dedicating her time to working/volunteering in the Philly school system whether it’s through her work-study or West Philadelphia Tutoring Project. When she’s not reading to elementary school kids, she can be found screening movies in the Harnwell RTL, playing intramural volleyball or watching a poetry slam.

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Julia Barr (Philadelphia, PA) is a junior in the College majoring in History, and will gladly talk to anyone about history for hours. She’s hoping to minor in Political Science and International Relations. If you can’t find her on campus in one of the clubs and organizations she splits her time between (Seneca International, History Undergraduate Advisory Board, Club Tennis and the Jewish Renaissance Project, just to name a few), she’s probably cooking, doing something outdoors, attempting to find her way back to the beach (she will also happily talk about Martha’s Vineyard for hours), or she’s turned all of her technology on airplane mode to be more present and engaged.

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Jagtar Singh (Thailand and India) is a first year graduate student studying mechanical engineering. He is a proud Sikh and would ideally spend Sunday mornings at the temple helping out with the community kitchen. He’s a fan of Adam Levine, Ed Sheeran, Passenger, and Bryan Adams and if you saw his recently played music you’d probably think he’s a romantic. If Jaggu wrote an autobiography he’d title it “Such a Beautiful World.” He loves meeting new people and exploring new places, and would love to travel the US. Make sure you befriend him before he returns home to Thailand and becomes the king of textiles!

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Carly Fiest (Ocean Township, NJ) is a sophomore in the college on the pre-med track. Hailing from the Jersey Shore, Carly loves swimming in the ocean, impromptu naps on the beach, and late nights on the boardwalk. At Penn, you can find Carly studying in the stacks of the Fine Arts Library, eating dinner at Hillel, and talking with friends on Locust Walk. A food enthusiast, Carly is always exploring Philly for the best new restaurants. When Carly needs to relax, you will find her exploring art galleries or going to concerts downtown.

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Evan Snyder (Berwyn, PA) is a sophomore

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Alyssa Mulé (Greenwich, CT, Atlanta, GA) is a sophomore

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Julia Comer (Ocean, NJ) is a sophomore in the College considering psychology. When she’s not practicing for club ultimate frisbee or club lacrosse, Julia also enjoys long peaceful bike rides, good food, and good company. The best place to spot Julia would be in the field, Houston, studying hard in Van Pelt on the 4th floor, or in the comfy bed in Harnwell watching her guilty pleasure: American Pie! As a food enthusiast, Julia claims to have the super power to eat endless amounts of Challah and never get full! Next time you see her in Van Pelt, call out The Challahgram!

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Sophia Simon (Geneva, Switzerland) is a junior studying Biology in the College. She consumes excessive amounts of tea and chocolate, generally while talking about any and every podcast out there. Find her at Penn Park tossing pieces of plastic with the rest of the Ultimate Frisbee team or in her teeny high-rise kitchen cooking up a storm. If you make a Parks and Rec reference you will definitely be on her good side.

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Natasha Guy (Bala Cynwyd, PA) is a sophomore


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Mikayla Angel (Long Island, NY) is a Wharton freshman from Long Island, NY. She is a huge fan of football and is on Club Rugby team. Mikayla’s passions include eating great food and talking about it, reading poetry and learning about international markets. She is a wonderful listener and her life philosophy is “play hard, work harder” (although she claims to be really good at napping as well). Mikayla is a member of Girl Scouts at Penn, Black Wharton Undergraduate Assembly and Joseph Wharton Scholars.

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Caitlin Harrity (Philadelphia, PA) is a sophomore

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Akash Kumashi (Houston, TX) is a freshman on the Penn Fencing team. This new TT superstar identifies strongly with Dory from Finding Nemo and loves his nature vacations! Akash has also pronounced his love for the controversial TS song Look What You Made Me Do. Warning: do watch out if you ever have Chem with Akash, he has been known to make things explode in the lab.

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Sarah Engelhardt (Kensington, MD) is a sophomore studying chemical engineering. Her nicknames include “Engie” and “Deathboat,” and her spirit animal is a golden retriever puppy. Other than TableTalk, she also enjoys being a part of the Frisbee and ski teams on campus. Her favorite music artists include Arcade Fire, David Bowie, Talking Heads, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Third Eye Blind, and, if she could meet any person for dinner, it would be Anthony Kiedis, lead singer of RHCP. Sarah’s special talents include the abilities to say the alphabet backwards and to be particularly good at noticing when people get haircuts. Her favorite food is pizza and, if she could be any type of dessert, it would be pudding.

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Nadine El Toukhy (Cairo, Egypt) is a premed junior in the College of Arts and Sciences studying Psychology and Health care management. When she is not busy volunteering with the CDCN or working at the Lung Transplant Center, you’ll find her dancing her worries away with PLBD or outdoors somewhere watching grey’s or friends and trying to soak up as much sun light as possible. As a member of IMO, she loves meeting international students and traveling the world (or just discovering new places in philly). Nadine is a chronic chocoholic, so if you’re ever in the mood for chocolate (or desserts in general), she’s your girl.

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Maksim Sorokorenskii (Moscow, Russia) is a freshman from Moscow, Russia and he really misses the nasty weather of his homeland. He’s a freshman at Wharton who’s planning to concentrate in Real Estate. He’s an avid milk chocolate and pepperoni pizza fan who doesn’t sleep, his autobiography would be called The Sleepless. He believes thoughts are extremely powerful and they would be the  preferred method of communication in Maks’ alternate world. Wow! He loves soccer and is a Cska fan because (let’s face it) someone’s gotta support the underdogs! He prefers ugly truths rather than beautiful lies. And he believes at the end of the day; what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger!

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Stephanie Tan (New York, NY) also known as stanz and shelby, is a freshman in the College studying economics. She loves doing yoga, eating Rocky Road ice cream, and binge watching shows like Friends, Game of Thrones and How I Met Your Mother on netflix. On any given day you can find her in the quad fields listening to some hits by Chance the Rapper or Frank Ocean. You can talk to her about anything from stand-up comedy to social justice issues, and she will always be a listening ear.

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Emily Amouyal (Newton, MA) is freshman

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Shiva Bharadwaj hails from Portland, Oregon where the tap water is better and the basketball team can always be counted on “to have a mediocre season.” He is a freshman in the college interested in econ and computer science. Beyond his schoolwork, Shiva is a talented South Indian percussionist and plays in Penn Sargam. His life philosophy is “trust the process” and he self describes as spicy. If you’re tight with Shiva, you can call him Shiv or Sheev. If you want to be tight with Shiva give him some beetroot or ice cream. In his free time Shiva can be found binging Narcos, Breaking Bad and Masters of None in his impeccably organized room, or in the reading room catching up on work. If you don’t know Shiva make it your new life goal to get to know him!

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Michelle Cossette (Alameda, CA) is a junior who is studying Communications. She is from the lovely state of California, and fun fact: she lives on an ISLAND! She is not a fan of chips on burgers, its just not her thang! Michelle likes to plan some awesome Disney park itineraries. She also likes to hype up Pret in her spare time, that is if she is not already eating it. She is a big napper; catch her in bed between 2 and 3 pm. Michelle is quite the bandwagon fan and roots for her home teams, Bay Area Reppin’!! Michelle could talk about Andy Sandberg endlessly. And back to Disney, seriously, hit this girl up for some super detailed and structured, yet still flexible, Disney park itineraries!!

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Rajvi Gemawat (Ahmedaba, India) is a freshman

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Rupa Palanki (Mobile, AL) is a freshman

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Jared Rogers (Long Island, NY) is a freshman in both Wharton and SEAS, studying Mechanical Engineering. When he isn’t building the newest winning racecar for Penn Electric Racing or out on the Quidditch Pitch, you can find him studying in one of the study rooms in Ware and worrying about multi-variable calculus. One of his greatest achievements is keeping a 725 day snapchat streak alive, and he loves making friends, so if you see him on Locust make sure to say hello!

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