TableTalk[x] is our creative incubator for community engagement

Our fast-paced and dynamic team identifies social voids on campus and builds innovative solutions for them. We want to be constantly brainstorming new ways to bring people together and TableTalk[x] helps us to continue innovating.

Our current ideas and projects include:

Two students engage in LookUp conversation at 1920 Commons.

LookUp, an initiative addressing the smartphone addiction and promoting conversation.

LookUp takes place in many different forms. LookUp could be a banner stationed on Locust Walk encouraging people to look up from their phones, LookUp could be a series of questions on a table stationed in dining halls across Penn encouraging people to engage more at meals, LookUp could be a phone bin, and many more ideas that our team is constantly coming up with. We are promoting conversation through re-thinking our smart phone usage.

  • The LookUp campaign takes place in a few sections of dining areas around Penn’s campus. Each LookUp table features a translucent box into which community members can put their phones when they sit down. Each table will have a table cling on the surface of the table with various IMG_4920questions to encourage participants to “Look Up” and interact with the people around them. Prompts include questions like:
    • Where are you happiest?
    • Describe a typical day in your life at Penn.
    • Have you ever helped someone make a major life decision?
    • What did you write your college essay about?
    • What’s a mistake you’re glad you made?
  • LookUp is currently stationed in 1920 Commons, Hill College House, Kings Court English House, and the Falk Dining Center in Penn Hillel.

Blind Brunch, an initiative bringing new people together for brunch.

Blind Brunch is an opportunity to branch out of one’s social circles and meet someone new over brunch. We will bring the conversation, we will match you with new people, we will bring the new friends, and the venue will provide the brunch!

ElevatorTalk, addressing the smartphone addiction and lack of conversations in elevators.


  • ElevatorTalk, addressing the smartphone addiction in elevators.
    • The ElevatorTalk campaign takes place in a few elevators around the Penn campus. Each ElevatorTalk elevator features an interactive poster including questions encouraging community members to engage with the people next to them in the elevator. Some unique prompts include:
      • What are three things you have in common with the person standing next to you?
      • Play rock paper scissors with the person standing next to you.
      • Introduce yourself! You’ve got nothing to lose. 

We have a range of other projects-in-development, which we will be announcing soon.



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