TableTalk is a framework for conversation between people who would not interact under ordinary circumstances.

TableTalk provides an accessible and intentional context for members of the Penn community to get to know one another, share a meal, ask penetrating questions, temporarily leave their realms of comfort and adopt new ones. TableTalk serves to create a more vibrant and inclusive community on college campuses through four different initiatives that aim to bring people together in creative, innovative ways.

TableTalk has very prominently made a splash at the University of Pennsylvania since its founding in January 2015. TableTalk has hosted over 20 events, reaching countless communities across campus in a variety of ways, encouraging students to branch out and engage in productive and open conversation.


TableTalk’s most recent event brought in over 1000 students, TableTalk works with over 200 student organizations and 50 student facilitators, and TableTalk has been utilized by the University in planning events, by Penn Dining, Penn Admissions, New Student Orientation, and recognized by the office of the President, and the office of the Provost.